Sunday, January 23, 2011


Frozen ponds line my winter commute
The Little Miami chokes on ice but carries on
While the Mad still flows free
The ponds, however, slowly turn to stone
Havens for ducks no longer
Surely the geese wonder why Canada followed them south!
The corn stubble is all that remains of summer's glory
As storied old barns struggle to survive another winter
Drivers press on, undaunted, if cautious
As the frosty January moon wanes
Dawn still comes, lighting an ice-blue sky

And a frigid sun is better than none at all!
Still, forgive me if I long for past winter mornings
In a far warmer place
Where restless waves and laughing gulls welcomed me home!


The Bug said...

That WAS a nice trip wasn't it? I'll remember it while I bake by my "fire." Brr!

suz said...

That was beautiful. I used to commute along and over Big Walnut, on the gravel roads. Now it's just a few boring minutes on the highway into town.

ellen abbott said...

How do you tell where the dang road is!

Carolina Linthead said...

LOL, Ellen. There are times when that is a challenge, trust me. In general, you try to stay in the ruts, or at least on the hard-packed part if there are no ruts. It helps if you are in line behind other cars (there almost ALWAYS are other cars out and about...Ohioans seemingly always have somewhere to go). You have to trust at such times that you are not being led over a cliff.

Reya Mellicker said...

I know so many people who are sick of winter. Let's hope the groundhog sees his shadow!!

Ann T. said...

Dear C.L.,
I stay amazed that you and The Bug actually get out in this to take pictures. I am just staying in as much as I can. It is craven of me.

Ann T.

Jayne said...

It's simply been too too cold this winter, and if I don't see any more snow, I'll be happier. That is the one thing which is a true blessing here where we live... about 3 months per season, and then things DO change rather quickly! Stay warm!

Tess Kincaid said...

Okay. You're forgiven. Wonderful pics. Our Scioto is frozen over. I'm surprised to see your Mad running free.

KimQuiltz said...

Such lovely, lovely prose!! I'm jealous of your snow ... I think. :D

That One Girl said...

Your lovely wife told me about your blog... I used to live in those parts... now... I live in your old neck of the woods! How strange is it that you feel like home in my old home, and I feel like home in your old home?
Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I know where that barn is, and have always thought it was beautiful!

altar ego said...

I hear you! I love the snow, but the greyness loses its dramatic appeal after a day. Make that half a day. Be warm!