Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reveling in Summer

People think I must have a magical garden...I don't. What I do have are numerous pockets of beauty around our rather plain yard, and I try revel in the magic each pocket contains. And when all else fails, I turn my eyes skyward. Living thus, I find myself amazed by my surrounds...and so I feel compelled to share my daily joy. I hope you don't mind...

 This post features our yellow lilies
 And our double orange lilies!
Along with this pic of our other orange lilies, which continue to be spectacular!
 Grape tomatoes

 The moon!
 Daisy Nation, trimmed hedges, Heather the Sheep, and our own good flag

 And the Occasional Squirrel
 Shaping up nicely!

Almost full Supermoon!

This may be the best shot I get of the Supermoon, as it is partly cloudy today...we shall see.
 Finally, Pinky, the two-tone pet geranium

 And the moody Supermoon!
 Being shy


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NCmountainwoman said...

Pockets of beauty. Great description and great photographs.

Pixel Peeper said...

They all make me smile...

troutbirder said...

I really enjoyed all your beautiful (and interesting) photos. Thanks....:)