Thursday, May 28, 2015

Southside Dam and Powerhouse

Downriver from the Laboratory Cotton Mill in Lincoln County, NC, was the mill and hillside village known as Southside. The train ran between the mill and the village, and a local creek supplied water for the steam locomotives back in the day. My father grew up across the river and over the bluffs on Laboratory Mill hill, but he loved this river, and particularly the stretch below the Southside Dam. Today, at age 83, he was able to walk one more time down the rail bed to the dam, and then down the trail to the river. Danabug and I were honored to follow him to his favorite place.

 On the Carolina Thread least for a few minutes
 The old powerhouse
 Pop and Danabug
 The South Fork of the Catawba River
 Don't you just want to go lay down in the rapids?
 The whole river runs through this gate now!
 The dam
 The Bug, looking for a rock to take back to the cairn
 Another view of the rapids
 Looking up at the powerhouse
 Sycamore across the river
 Now THAT'S a rock!
 Where the water ran through the turbines
 Beautiful sky!
 My father's favorite fishing spot: the island.
 The old rock wall below the rail road
 The road to Long Shoals
 Pop, recollecting so much today
 Above the dam
 Waterfall on a creek...people could drive their cars into a shallow pool above the fall and wash them!
 Back in the day, this water filled a large tank from which the steam locomotives could be filled.
 Where the old bridge crossed over the railroad from the mill to the village. The old store building still stands, just out of sight.
Ferocious guard dog, lol!


Linda Fraser said...

This is a beautiful family remembrance that you could make into a small book to share at Christmas or a birthday. Photo companies here in Canada, even computer places will publish them for you. We have some from our Alaska trip. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Carolina with me who has never been there and only might have flown over it on my way to Florida once in May 1978.

The Bug said...

It was a great day & a beautiful place! And I DID find a rock :)

NCmountainwoman said...

What a great series of photographs. I'll be coming back again and again to enjoy them. And wonderful that you had your father with you to share his memories of this lovely area.

Catalyst said...

Lots of history on that land. I can see why you enjoy visiting.