Saturday, August 29, 2015

Moon Man Chronicles

The week that was...
 Swelling vessel of Presence
 Doves on a wire
 Wee sparrow
 Pinky the Pet Geranium
 Pinky's verbena is thriving! We have some idea of where the seed came from, but can't really believe it, lol
 Seas and craters
 Roses at school! This was our first week of fall semester.

 I love them so
Busy little female ruby-throated hummingbird! I'm going to miss them when they head south
 Pinky also grew petunias this year, of course.
 Pinky verbena
 Pinky petunias
 This squirrel seemed to be looking through the barn window to see if there was any seed!
 Mama Goldfinch
 Hmmmm...I suspect a Boeing 767 refitted for strategic ELINT purposes...I've seen one overhead before, on maneuvers with the folks at the local AFB.
 A pansy that simply refused to give up this summer!
 The squirrels planted us a sunflower!
 It makes us smile
Big Mate! Our 12oz. tomato beside my Sean Casey baseball
 Full enough for me!
 A real beauty
Fitting end to summer, watching this rise over the rooftops as my little fire died down, with the PA announcer keeping me abreast of the local high school football game (we live very close to the stadium). Of course we are going to have hot weather this week...we always seem to around Labor Day. But it's back to teaching five days a week for me. Hope you are well! We live in trying times, and something tells me it will be getting worse before it gets better. Sigh. But the now is good, and so we live in it, moment by moment, and pray for a better tomorrow...someday.


The Bug said...

It was a good evening last night... I love our yard!

Marion Lawless said...

Awe-inspiring bits of nature. That full moon taps me on the shoulder every single month and demands I get out of bed and admire her gorgeous face. I can never resist!!! Thanks for sharing your piece of the world. xo

Catalyst said...

We, too, hope for a better tomorrow but your marvelous pictures of your fauna and flora make today seem not so bad.

Linda Fraser said...

Our Blue Jays are having an incredible year, we are in the middle of a national election that is likely to have not so satisfying results, our economy is taking a hit right now but I am cherishing these final days of summer. Natasha returns to high school next week as Tim begins high school. Next summer Griffin is a teenager. Hailey turns 7 years in three more weeks. Time marches on, relentlessly. Your garden is part of my summer joy..... timeless and beautiful from year to year, as is the moon, the flowers, bird songs and squirrel antics. Your fire burns as bright as your love of place. I cannot thank you enough for this sense of community and warmth you both share, that will help to carry me through the coming cold, politically sour winter we all face.. together.

NCmountainwoman said...

Wonderful post. Yes, we just have to live in the now or we'll drive ourselves batty. Just sit back and enjoy Nature's bounty. Thanks for sharing yours.

rita said...

Love all your close-ups!
And Pinky with her adoptees! Wonderful parent she is.