Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse!

We had clouds yesterday afternoon, and so we feared we would miss the Blood Moon eclipse. We did miss the low horizon moon, but then the clouds thinned

 This was one big moon!
 The shadow of Earth

 Clouds forming a Moon nest

 Almost total

 Total eclipse
 Just past peak...I didn't stay out for the other half of the show, but I did go out later to capture the brilliance of the Super Moon

I am the Moon Man, after all...even if I've never been there.


Linda Fraser said...

Your captures are as fantastic as ever!! You were the luckiest photographer I have seen so far on FB for the big event last evening. It was cloudy here north of the lake as usual. A photographer in Dallas that I reposted on my page had small photos of the whole event hanging over Dallas in a rainbow configuration that looked pretty neat. Other than that, it indeed was mostly clouds. Thank you for posting your photos of this memorable event, CL.

The Bug said...

Well done! It was fun hanging out with you watching the eclipse.

Amy said...

Absolutely stunning photographs!

Steve said...

Nice shots.


Catalyst said...

I knew you'd have your camera pointed. Great shots, Dr. M.

NCmountainwoman said...

Great photographs! Glad you had a view of this spectacular occurrence. Clouds totally obscured the moon here.

Glenda C. Beall said...

It was cloudy here and I didn't see anything. I am so happy to see your photos and how it really looked.