Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Port Too Far: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

By the end of our Antigua excursion, we had begun to realize that we needed to back off and relax more on the Summit. As a result, I cancelled our planned excursion for St. Thomas in time to get a refund. I am so glad I did, though that was one of my favorite options: a boat ride out to St. John's Island and a tour featuring ruins of one of the last operating Caribbean sugar plantations. Normally I would have bristled and perhaps left the Bug on the Summit while I went on the tour. But I knew I had pushed my sciatica and my knees about as far as they could go. So I cancelled, and then I went up to the spa to enjoy our various therapeutic bath options. They were wonderful! I did the same thing Thursday afternoon after our adventure in St. Maarten. Of course I realize I could have gotten infected in the spa, just as easily as on St. Maarten. Either way, I got the bug and boy howdy was I glad by Friday morning that we didn't have an excursion! Instead, I guiltlessly took it easy on the boat, eating a little as I felt like it and soaking up the comfort. Fortunately, the scenery was stunning enough.

View from our veranda
Sky Ride to Paradise Point...maybe some other time.
We would have been down there...8am sharp...ready to go to St. John's
Think I'll go back to bed for a bit...not feeling well...maybe too many Caribs
I finally risked a bit of breakfast up in the Oceanview Cafe, and then we went out onto the fantail to take in the views

We loved this boat and dingy!

Oh, those wild and crazy Norwegians have arrived!
We then decided to go somewhere cooler (and hopefully somewhere that had working wi-fi, as the Oceanview was on the blink), and so we wound up down on the main (fourth) deck. We sat in a lounge for awhile, but the Bug got cold, so we went outside and found some comfy chairs.
Oh my, the big yachts in harbor at St. Thomas!
Stunning harbor, truly
Such beautiful water and skies!

Bar and restaurant at Paradise Point, wonderfully lit, so to speak.
After a long nap for me and ship-rambling for the Bug, I took more pics from the veranda as the crew prepped to get us underway for our last night at sea: the return trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The Norwegian liner led the way...She's about our size
No thank you...I had enough Caribs yesterday.
Thanks, y'all!
Views as we left port
Jack Sparrow?
Boeing 737
More reminders of the past, when King Sugar ruled the Atlantic

Take us home, Captain Kate...if you please.

Hope to revisit when I'm feeling better, St. Thomas.
You were truly a port too far for us, but you are gorgeous!

We awoke the next morning to find we were already docked in San Juan

Castillo San Filipe del Morro eclipsed by modern structures
El Capitolio; Castillo de San Cristobal beyond
La Iglesia San Agustin and Escuelas de Puerto de Tierra
We had not seen Adventure of the Seas since last some of us would share flights with some of them...hope they had as good a week as we did!
Our faithful crew helped us finish packing (including stowing themselves in my carry-on bag)
We cleared customs with our new hat and fan (BIG spenders!), and then it was off to the airport.
Somehow I thought this was an appropriate breakfast? Definitely not BRAT diet fare. 
I did pick up a couple of travelers at the duty-free store, and we bought Danabug a shirt, a hat, and a new bag.
I had to have a mojito before boarding, you understand...the 737 is very hard on my legs.
A rumble down the runway, and we were wheels up!

I survived the flight to Chicago, but my snack box was, again, the wrong thing to be eating when infected. I would regret this later. 
This after-flight margarita probably wasn't a bright idea, either?
O'Hare was its usual adventure, with lots of walking!
But hey, we got to see Edward "Butch" O'Hare's F4F Wildcat!
Finally we were back in Dayton...with all our luggage! 
I lost one lens cap...that was it, so far as we can tell. What a week! 
And look who was waiting to greet us back home! Ms. Pinky!

Of course I have been sick ever since, but I am BRATing and coping and getting well. Hopefully by the time you read this, I will have recovered enough to enjoy some Christmas vittles, which likely will set me back. Good news is that neither of us really gained any weight on this cruise! We were too busy gallivanting around and sweating in the warm climate. It was the trip of a lifetime with my love of a lifetime. Best anniversary ever!


The Bug said...

It WAS the best anniversary ever! Let's do it again in a few years :)

Catalyst said...

A great way to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations on another year.

NCmountainwoman said...

I have truly enjoyed your narrative about the trip and your gorgeous photographs. Hope you are on the mend again. Nasty virus can set your back again and again.