Sunday, April 2, 2017

More Backyard Birding

I love our little Carolina Chickadees!

 Ms. Cardinal
 Mr. Cardinal
 We have Eastern Phoebes nesting in our carport!

 They hunt flying things from perches in our Oak trees.

 The Tufted Titmice are so cute and fun to watch.
 We have lots of Goldfinches in the 'hood!

Chipper Jones, our pet Chipping Sparrow.
And overhead, always, the masters of the winds. We not only have lots of Turkey Vultures, we have actual Wild Turkeys in abundance in nearby fields! Hope to get pics of them soon.
There is also an Occasional Squirrel...obviously she has the good Kung Fu!
And of course the same Moon...the Moonman abides...
We have returned to the land of our ancestors, so we like to go visit...these are a few snaps from our ride up to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, in the shadow of the South Mountains, southern Burke County, NC.
 My Great-Great Grandparents
 Rackety Kildeer
And goats...staring at me...

Hope you have a good week!


The Bug said...

I'm so happy we moved back here! And to think, I was worried that we wouldn't get much bird activity at our new house. Ha!

Catalyst said...

That kildeer is gorgeous.