Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Sunday with LC, Gratitude

This day gratitude
Flows forth from my heart to you
Brothers, sisters all.

(Pictures taken March 2010)

Wow!  Blogging can be an amazing experience. You just throw something out there because, really, you've got nuthin' to say, and it connects with people in ways you did not imagine, and then people connect back with you and remind you that life is good, and so worth the effort!
This is my world. I toss gently place the camera in the front seat of the car, and I stop (sometimes...sometimes I just slow down) to take pics of things I see as I drive back and forth to school. Sometimes school just sucks the life out of me, and on those days I head out into "sheep country," as I did on the way home Friday. Alack, my favorite flock is in the back pasture for the time being, so no new pics of them and their pet llama, but happily I have these from last March :-D

The sheep are relieved that we have cooler, slightly wetter weather now after a hot, dry summer. I will give them your regards.
With gratitude,
Dr. Linthead and Mr. Crouse


Brian Miller said...

it is a great place isnt it...kinda felt that way about todays...but loving the love i am getting...nice sheep! saw a few of those at the farm yesterday...

KimQuiltz said...

...and I'm grateful for your view of the lovely brown sheep. So much peace. :)

Jayne said...

Indeed, there are so many blessings in connecting with other people. Sometimes we truly never know in what ways we impact others. It's a great community and we're glad you're here!

Jingle said...

love sheep,
gentle and soft animals..