Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birds say the darndest things...

So two mourning doves perch on a bar:

This is my "Not if you were the last mourning dove on earth" look.
Oh good grief, he's trying to be coy.
So...come here often?
Took him all winter to come up with that one, I bet.
Hmmm...I think she's attracted to me.
Sheesh! He thinks he's going to get lucky! shrub or yours?
As if!
Okay, okay, I can take a I can coo you sometime?

And on a much sadder note:

The power company's "tree trimmers" came through and cut the whole top out of this tree!
Good thing I got some pictures of this big fella when I did.
He certainly has no reason to come back to my yard :-(
I'll let this little fella speak for himself:
Some men came through this week, and the old neighborhood will never be the same.

This was my favorite tree.  I used to eat breakfast right up there!
Now it's all gone, and I can't understand...why?
They hacked off part of the old cypress tree, too...Mr. Ken sure was upset.
But he put out fresh suet cakes for us.
Thank you, Mr. Ken!


The Bug said...

Those doves are a riot (or maybe it's YOU who is the riot).

I do hate what they did to our trees - poor confused birds...

SouthLakesMom said...

The dove commentary is perfectly paced...

Sad about the trees. We have that struggle here. We love our trees, but we lose power every storm from big limbs taking out certain power lines. The power company cuts always look so dramatic and drastic and harsh!

NCmountainwoman said...

I love the way you can interpret the birdspeak. Great photographs.

It's sad enough when the power company does that but it's even worse when people chop them for a better view!

Carolina Linthead said...

I agree, NCMW. As SouthLakesMom says, it's rough when you have power outages because of trees, but you hate to see them cut back. Still, it was necessary to trim the ones in our neighborhood. We have had some serious problems with sparking, etc., during high winds, so the trees had to be cut back. But I have seen people just lay waste to a treeline because they didn't like the frickin' view!

Our neighbor was very upset, because he begged them to take it easy on his 45-year-old cypress tree, or even let him hire someone to trim it. The person on the phone assured him they would only trim minimal limbs, as that type of tree is not usually a problem in terms of power lines. Yet when the crew came, they savaged the back side of his beloved tree, taking it all the way to the trunk. He came home just as they were cleaning up...too late to stop it. They said they had never received any special instructions, grrrr, argh!

The tree I'm mourning was not on our property, but I just cannot understand why they cut so much of it! It was much loved by the woodpeckers, and I loved seeing them. Anyway, what's done is done, and the birdies are trying to adjust. It's just upsetting when a great guy like Mr. Ken, who planted that cypress and has nurtured and loved it for more than four decades, gets hurt because of incompetence.

Betsy said...

Oh how funny!

I have doves that think and talk, too. Come have a look...

We're practically in your backyard! :)

Tess Kincaid said...

The power company comes out every ten years or so and hacks off several of our big trees, including a wonderful old walnut. It makes me very unhappy. Hope we're not on their hack-and-wack list any time soon. (Knock on wood.)

Kerry said...

I don't like how utility companies slaughter the trees, but around here people have the dumb habit of planting redwoods directly under the power lines...duh!

Your doves are adorable.