Friday, April 1, 2011

Say hello to my (not so) little friend!

I was leaving campus today when I saw/felt this presence peering at me from the treeline.  Funny, I don't think of myself as a small bird...
Meet the sharp-shinned hawk, and be afraid, be very afraid!
These pictures were shot at the extreme limits of my lens.  I will gladly accept donations if anyone wants me to have greater telephoto capability :-)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have this visitor:
In Ohio, this is the season when the red-winged blackbirds return!
Red-winged blackbird and cardinal.
 Personal space moment.
 Singing for joy in the fen!

And then there is the local color:
Finally, there is this lovely reminder that somewhere out there is a bird lover named Jayne.
Thinking of you, my friend.


The Bug said...

Excellent pictures! The finches are my favorite - althought it's cool to see a woodpecker too.

Carolina Linthead said...

Look again...there's a chickadee!

ellen abbott said...

great post and great pictures. those little yellow ones are the finches? we don't get those, the yellow ones, we do get finches, different ones. the wrens are my favorite as they have taken an interest in our garage. nest building. I guess they are getting used to us as now, sometimes they won't immediately bolt out. and one was in there today screeching up a storm.

altar ego said...

thinking of you back, my friend!