Monday, May 28, 2012

Sea Island Birdwatching

We saw old familiars: Cardinals abundant


 Grackles, both Common and Boat-tailed

Along with ducks and geese 

And a Red-headed Woodpecker!

 Hey, you're a nut, not a bird!

Gorgeous Great Blue Heron

And angelic Great Egrets!


And we made new friends:

Great the color scheme

Tri-Color Heron in flight

Snowy Egret!

American White Ibis!


Along with a brown pelican

And a Wood Stork!!!

Sand Pipers, Terns and such were everywhere

And, of course, 
So were Gulls

Lots of Gulls

Laughing Gulls Galore

Some of which looked like penguins with wings that worked

This was exciting: probably a Cory's Shearwater!

We saw a Flying Dog!

And, yes, a Penguin


ellen abbott said...

beautiful pictures. we see all those down on the Texas coast. no roseate spoonbills?

Rachel Fox said...

Great collection!