Saturday, November 3, 2012

November is upon us

May it be a season of new hope
 The mums have peaked earlier than last year
 But they and these little wildflowers still make me smile
 Pinky the Pet Geranium moved inside on Sunday, where she will winter
Vines long dead, these forlorn pumpkins still abide
 Crows flocked here and yon on Monday
 Harbingers of the coming storm?
 No, they say...they come here every autumn
 Halloween decorations in our town
 Wondering if they will ever see any Trick-or-Treaters
 Sandy brought snow to our campus!
 Wet, wind-blown snow
 Sticking to this reminder of a past storm's wrath
 Ice-cold apples await the deer
 Snow all gone, the geese wonder what that was all about!
 Brother heron looks for supper
 Sycamore against grey skies on Halloween
 Stunning patterns, really...singing of autumn's passing
 The week moves on
 Cows in masks stare at me
 October becomes November
 I stopped by a park on All Saints Day
Where I pondered was not a still day
 I thought of all that has passed, all that soon will pass...sigh
 I wanted to go hug this cow!
 Friday...a reminder of the political season
 I have been so angry at the ads in Ohio!
The hawk I call Tecumseh visited me in my distress
 Reminding me that one can find beauty in the midst of devastation
Indeed, great beauty is all around us, with promise of renewal
 And so one prays for a brighter tomorrow


The Bug said...

Some fabulous pictures in here - you've really captured the essence of mid-fall in Ohio.

Gerry Snape said...

I'm jealous of the size of the pumpkins...we had to buy in this year for our "Pumpkin Party" with the grandgirls. Great post.

NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful post, dear cow whisperer. A promise of renewal...oh, I do hope so.

Nance said...

I always want to hug the cows.

NCmountainwoman said...


Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Happy birthday, Dr. M.

I respect any man who can correctly use the word "abide".

Great photos.