Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Carolina Dreaming at the OBX

We had an odd but good day yesterday, trying to see the sights over on Roanoke Island and hoping to get up to Corolla to see the Currituck Beach Light. Roanoke is a tale for another post, involving some amazing flora and torrential rain, among other things. Here are some images from other events:

 Dolphins feeding just beyond the surf...they really brightened our mood!

And a school showed up in the evening, too!

Okay, a teaser from Roanoke: toured the Elizabeth II!

Apart from the Raleigh expedition, Roanoke saw lots of activity in the Civil War, first as a battleground, and then as a safe haven from runaway slaves.
Carolina Cow was having retirement dreams...

We did make it up to Corolla
Right at closing time
 Still, we got what we came for...a chance to take this pic!
 Last tour group of the day...
 Really quite a beautiful evening
 Sun setting over Kill Devil Hills

Waxing moon, high in the sky
Sunrise, Wednesday morning

Peace be with you, this day and always...


Linda said...

These are wonderful pictures, Michael. I loved the dreams of the cow. When I was visiting the Maritimes, east coast of Canada 2002, I was noticing the architectural features of the buildings (built by shipbuilders I suppose) and was wondering if the buildings you are seeing at the OBX have interesting details and woodwork not commonly found on buildings further inland? The lighthouses are certainly impressive! Thank you for sharing.

Carolina Linthead said...

I should have taken more pics up at Corolla, Linda! They have a number of buildings from the 19th century that do have interesting architecture. We were not able to go inside, and were exhausted, so I didn't get any good pics. I think this is true with older architecture here, and some of the newer work reflects those themes. It is very true of places we've visited on Lake Erie, such as Kelley's Island and Marblehead Peninsula.

tut-tut said...

Nice ones! I'm enjoying taking your trip on FB w/you

Lowandslow said...

Absolutely beautiful place. I wish I was there, too. Your photos are the next best thing. :)


NCmountainwoman said...

When I see pictures like this, I forget about all the over-building and focus on the beauty. There are so many wonderful and peaceful places in spite of the ticky-tacky.