Saturday, October 24, 2015

Beautiful Central Ohio...a Banner Autumn

 We have had the most beautiful Autumn in years!
 It is horribly dry, but glorious
 Central Ohio Traffic Jam...I think the harvest has been good
 For The Bug: Sweet Gum leaves
 Male, obviously

 I teach in this lovely town!

 Just off campus

 A colorful ridge in southern Champaign County!

Yellow Springs...the Gingkos are just turning (below)

 Now THAT'S a lot of bull!
 Beautiful Xenia
 Our home these past six plus years
It suits us, even if it does not sit in the shadow of Cold Mountain
And my mistress the Moon abides...


The Bug said...

I sure is gorgeous around here!

Carolina Linthead said...

You sure is, lol! And so are the leaves!

NCmountainwoman said...

What a gorgeous Autumn you are having. Wonderful color.