Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Glaciers Have Receded

Was it only a week or so ago that I took these?

A very cold-looking Mad River, 2/9
The view from my school parking lot (I was parked on a sheet of ice, btw), 2/11
Frozen farm, 2/11
Corn stubble through the ice and snow, 2/11
Winter's twilight? 2/11
There's ice under there? 2/11
Melt My Cold, Cold Heart, 2/14
Frozen Love, 2/14
Large frozen pond, 2/14
Are those tracks across this pond? 2/14
When I head north to school on Tuesday, I will see open water that only a week ago stood still and cold as stone.  The ducks and geese will be very, very happy for it!  The sleet pelting my window just now seems to belie the notion that spring has sprung, but perhaps it is one of winter's last gasps.  There will be a few more gasps, no doubt--there always are in these parts.  If not quite so much as the Lady of Willow Manor, I do love the cold, white vistas, the frozen ponds, the purity of new-fallen snow here on the hem of the lone prairie.  But this has been a hard winter, and now my soul longs for spring like the thirsty hart pants for water.  The sleet is turning to rain, and the sparrows in my shrubbery are mocking it with their boisterous chirping.  The world is changing...

Cardinal in the grass, 2/19                     Mourning Dove, late afternoon, 2/17

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Full Moon Fever

The moon has put on quite a show over Xenia this week!

 And a final one of a slightly waning moon on 2/19

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's This?

A blog post from Dr. Linthead?  Yes, and a present for my friend Jayne and my soul sister Kim Mason:

I was out stalking cardinals and juncos when this birdie came to dinner!
Shy little birdie
Chirping at me from the treeline
And another!
A beautiful sight on a dreary day, and a symbol of Presence.
With love,


P.S. For my friend who loves sheep as much as I do: