Saturday, April 27, 2013

Siebenthaler Fen in Late April

We love going for walks in our local fen.

 We were greeted in the parking lot by the sight of these amazing aerialists!
 Male Tree Swallows!
So beautiful with their iridescent backs
 We saw lots of Red-winged Blackbirds!
 They are kin to orioles, in case you didn't notice :-)
 Females look VERY different from the males!
 These are boys, showing off
Quintessential American birds
Male Goldfinch!

Lovely Song Sparrows
 Singing their asses off
Along with the usual suspects
 There really should be turtles out there, we said
And then we saw one!

And Flora, too!
 Gorgeous Swamp Marigolds
 A little late coming on, but so bright and cheerful!

 Skunk Cabbage everywhere
 This little plant made me smile and crave Funyons
And last season's tattered Cattails
 Delicate little flowers
 And gaudy fruit blossoms!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pileated Woodpecker...Squeeee!!!

So I was driving  home along a back road (surprise, surprise), when this beauty landed on a woodpile RIGHT BESIDE THE ROAD! I got off a few quick pics before a motorcycle showed up and the magic moment was over. I turned around and came back, but she was too skittish and shy by then. Not great pics, but a GREAT bird to add to my collection!

Yes, YOU ARE the pretty bird :-)

Also saw:

 Chipping Sparrow in shadow
 Grackle singing in sunlight!
 Crow in a field
Big bird in landing pattern for the local international airport.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Blue and a New Lens

On my way home Monday, I took a detour to buy a few groceries. Near the store, there was a pond, and in the pond was this!
 Great Blue Heron!

 Staring at some honking geese

Ironically, these were the last shots taken with my old, increasingly unstable 55-200mm zoom lens. I had ordered a new 55-300mm zoom, and it was waiting for me when I got home! My first shots were these:

 Lovely Red-bellied Woodpecker!

 Scary Grackle!
Sweet Mourning Doves
We had a Chipping Sparrow out back, too!
And old friends like Mr. Cardinal
 And the Occasional Squirrel.
Yesterday I saw this precious little Song Sparrow, who serenaded me!
And of course, my dear friend the Moon.

I offer you these gifts as they were given to me: a balm during a very painful week.