Saturday, October 27, 2012

Having a Ball!

Hoist the Colours!

Yo ho ho!

It's a Special Kind of Night!

My dear friend Tess at Willow Manor is giving a Ball this Sunday, October 28! More details on this annual cyber-soiree may be found here. It is a masked affair this year, as intimated by this luscious painting she featured on her blog:

Masked Ball, 1945, by Rafal Olbinski

I went to last year's Willow Manor Ball in costume as a Civil War general, and that was fun, but this year I have decided to embrace the theme, so to speak, and go forth masked. Being a sometime pirate myself, I naturally gravitated toward that most infamous and dashing of pirates:

Guessed yet?
How about now?
Surely this will jog your memory!
Yes, indeedy! I am going to the Ball as The Dread Pirate Roberts! While I will not be there for your souls, I may try to steal a heart or two as I take my turns around the dance floor ;-)
Frankly, I think I'll make a fine Dread Pirate Roberts!
I think I have charm(s) enough
Now where did I put that mask...
Hey, look who showed up! The Bug! You can see why she gets the last dance...
I've arranged transportation
Mojito, anyone?
And entertainment!
See you at the Ball!
I have NO idea...ahem...

Spanish Ladies!
Shiver My Timbers!

Bonny Ship, The Diamond!

Ballad of Captain Kidd!

Maggie May!

For more on The Dread Pirate Roberts, I invite you to read the fabulous fantasy novel: The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure, The "Good Parts" Version, abridged by William Goldman
Or watch the movie (again and again)!

Thanks, as well, to the sketch artists whose work is presented above. The Dread Pirate Roberts is, indeed, alive and well on the World Wide Web!

And now I'll be Rolling Home!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wide Angle October

I know, I know...
Usually this is what you get.
 But today I decided to widen it out a little...
Give you an expanded view
 Of our beautiful Ohio!
 The colors have been stunning
 The farms and fields spectacular
 Leaves are falling like rain
 Covering the landscape
 Greens are in retreat
 But still bright...
 Autumn splendor
 But far
 From done
 Golden Ginkgo
 Blazing in brief flame
 Underbrush and overstory
All speak boldly!
October in the Heartland!
And still cows stare at me...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Squirrels Galore!!!

It's Squirrelpalooza at Urbana!
 They are nuts for acorns
 We have lots of oaks
 Shagbark hickories

Towering hardwoods
And nuts!
 Easy on the bark, there, buddy
It is also a most beautiful campus in autumn!
 Love the gum tree at the library!
Just watch your step...
 Squirrel's eye view...
 A squirrelly Eden
 We even have ivy!
 Oh, yeah,
 We have lots
 And lots
Of very