Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cheshire Cat Moon

 Taken 2/12/13...sometimes the shaky hands make for the most interesting shots :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seeking Solace

NOTE: It is always possible that one or more of you who find your way here to read this have been dropped from my Facebook Friends list, or have been trying to find me to friend me. I am withdrawing from Facebook, of necessity, and I began with a big group of friends from where I work or tangential to that job, along with some family and family friends. I dumped you hard, I know, but I had to, and I will be glad to exchange emails, etc., with any of you. I am trying to ease my way back from others, mostly people I only know through Facebook but dearly love, at least for awhile, until I get my feet back under me, so I was reluctant just to terminate my Facebook account. But I had to act. I am a veteran warrior, if a warrior of another kind than some of you. I have a keen survival sense and a strong will to do what is necessary in order to save this case, my own. Right now, I am a lobster without a shell, completely vulnerable as I continue seeking the path to wellness. The new shell will be better than the old, and I will be stronger for it, but until it has formed, yeah, I gotta duck and cover like Bert the Turtle. Anyway, I spent some quality time today with camera and nature. Here's to good health, my friends.

The King's Deer :-)

Sculpted Angels...
 Cold and Monumental
 Abandoned Farmhouse
 Felled Wood

 Hiding place?
 Lovely limestone, decorated for winter
 Got crampons?


 With a boarding house?

 Maturing lambs!
Warm woolly coats, hay-reinforced
 Photo-bomb? LOL!
 Horses in blankets...*love*