Friday, July 20, 2012

In need of beauty

Still reeling from the news this morning. So tragic for so many families. May these pictures bring some light and beauty into your lives, despite the gloom.
Mourning doves

Papa Cardinal and the Board of Directors (house sparrows)

Sunflower, before the squirrel climbed up it and broke it off :-(
Lone daisy
Neighbor hens
Squirrel being squirrelly...

Last of the frilly yellow day lilies...

Squirrel feeding on the corn I put out for it
Cracks me up, every time!
As do the neighbor hens
A field of sunflowers nearby :-)
Last of the double orange day lilies
Pretty boy goldfinch

Peace be with you...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life out back

In spite of the hot and the dry, life goes on
 Our first Cypress bloom
 Our miniature rose bush is thriving
 As is the yarrow
 The doves survived a scare...boys with a BB gun, grrrr
 And the butterflies seemed to be, um, gettin' bouncy
 Squirrels are always bouncy around here
 Our double orange day lilies
 Are blooming to beat the band
 I think of Ellen every time I see them
 We have a little toad
 The occasional jay

 The daily squirrel
Lots of robins
 Mama cardinal
 Papa cardinal

 House finch
 Little sparrows
And the board of directors!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Urbana Uncropped, 7/3/12

I spent a little time today enjoying the beauty that is Champaign County, OH.

 A farm pond on the county line
 Two of the many horses in Champaign
 We also have lots of cows
 Our campus has some lovely hanging baskets, but...
 the real beauty lies in our perennials!

 Part of our campus has been allowed to revert to prairie...

 I love it!

 A local Scout troop built a wig-wam last week on our "prairie"

 Also, we have squirrels

And nuthatches...lots of nuthatches...did I just type that? Hope you enjoyed :-)
Decided to follow up with the moon from last night and tonight, just because...
Moonstruck daisies!