Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fare Thee Well, Sea Islands...sigh...

This is what island life is all about...

Sand, surf...





And Mikes...

Sea shells...

Sand dunes and sea grasses...


And wonders...

Thunderous tidal applause

Grand strands of shoreline

We combed...

We saw...

We conquered...

Our doubts

Our fears

Our painful associations

In the end...

We embraced the beach and each other, once again

Our swing...sigh...

We took the long way usual

Port Royal's Sand Beach

With its awesome boardwalk

And observation tower

My Uncle Lee did his basic training there on Parris Island...RIP, Marine

Danabug taking it all in...

A pleasure boat of a trip

Draped in Spanish Moss...of course

Flora, Fauna, Salt Marshes, Oh My!

Hilton Head Island

We arrived with a bit of daylight left...this was our view 

Skies were clear that evening 

Next day? Rainy early, then clearing
We decided to walk to the beach

 Local squirrel, being squirrelly

Spanish Moss, of course 

Gorgeous flowers

Delicate flowers

We especially liked these! 

And, hey, they had a beach! Coligny Beach, actually

 Clearing skies were most welcome

 A Coligny landmark, so to speak

Lovely flowers below our balcony

Bawdy, naughty flowers

 I especially loved all the turtles we saw!

This one went for a brief ramble 

And then there was this! 

A four-foot gator, right there in our lagoon

We also discovered a more remote beach
We had to walk a ways to get there

 We walked a sandy path through these dunes

 We found this Horseshoe Crab shell on the beach

It had lots of these in it...the Bug jumped when she flipped it over!

 These winged beasts soared overhead

Yep, definitely our kind of beach!

 We had the usual driving misadventures

 There were bridges (Bridge to Hilton Head)

 And more bridges

 High bridges (Savannah River Bridge)

And long bridges (view from Broad River Bridge)

We visited favorite places

There were squirrels in Savannah

And little lizards

We gazed upon sprawling salt marshes

 Pinckney Island oyster beds at low tide

And high tide

And walked a bit along this road on Pinckney Island 

 Moss overhead, of course, and songbirds!

 Moss everywhere!

 Smelly salt marches around Pinckney

And some beautiful, soaring pine trees!