Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sometimes Life has to be a Beach

Let me begin by saying, many posts here notwithstanding, The Bug and I are NOT beach bunnies! In the days of my youth, I loved being in the water, but even then I preferred the pool to the ocean or lake. Nice and routine and sanitary, comparatively...and no snakes or sharks or jellyfish! I enjoyed soaking in the tub and lounging in the pool on our cruise, and I did like our all-too brief dip in the Caribbean, but yeah, we don't come to the beach for "the beach" so to speak. But we do love finding a beach our speed and renting a room with a view from which to sit and watch the action. We usually try to hit the beach in May, when it is a bit cooler and less hectic, but this year life events (not bad ones) led us to change our reservations to this week, which means we are at the beach in Delaware with tons of newly minted high school graduates, lol! Shenanigans abundant, I am sure. But it also means we can be relatively invisible, and that suits us just fine. We're here for the salt air and the wildlife, and as was the case last time we stayed in this particular hotel (two years ago) both come to us in abundance! Ahhh...that is the sound of the stress and strain and grief slipping away.

Okay, so here are some people.

 And the evening
 And the morning
 Were the first day

 Barn Swallows everywhere!
 And Ospreys!
Catch of the day...shot from our balcony. We love this place!
 Laughing gulls
And Grackles, of course
And this young male, a Northern Bob-White!
And there, just offshore, dolphins! Sigh...I was losing the light by the time they showed. Dewey Beach...one of our happy places! Tomorrow we'll drive around a bit, visit some nature preserves, and get in some hiking, but for now we are enjoying every bit of the several dimes we spent for this room.