Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dans La Lune, and so on and so forth

 Full moon rising through the trees
 I like this one!
 The man in the moon
Software helps bring out the texture
 Playing with filters
 I like the blue!
 Sepia waning moon
Yes, I am a bit obsessed...

 In other news...
 Our little flowerbed is thriving!
 So cute with the bonus pink one (I bought a flat of purple)

 And as you can see...
Our cypress vines are a hit!
 I know some of you are swamped, and others baking...
 But Ohio is going wild this summer! Y'all come...

Sunday, July 21, 2013


We have had the most splendid visitation of daylilies this summer!
 These beauties came first
 They were out front when we moved in
I transplanted them to side, along our privacy fence, where they are thriving
 The yellow ones were here, too!
 What a pleasure it was the first time they bloomed
So gorgeous!
 Now they are joined by double-orange daylilies!
 Thanks to a friend from Texas who sent us some
 We love them all!

Our pet geranium is thriving
As is the little flower garden I planted this year for my sweetie
 I also planted two tomato plants, but they have been completely outclassed by two volunteer plants
See what I mean? Mysterious and wonderful!
We also have at least two volunteer sunflowers growing in our beds
I think I know who planted them...
 The moon has been prominent overhead this week
 I've been playing with new software
 Sharpening the images
But sometimes one should just bask in the moonlight
 Finally, when I bought this fabulous basket for our back yard,
 I knew they would come to it, sooner or later
 Yesterday, a female ruby-throated hummingbird put on quite a show for me!

Peace be with you, dear friends...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flower Power

For saddened or hurting or struggling friends, far and near, take heart. Great beauty still thrives in this world.

Daisy can't stop it; you can only hope to contain it

Pinkie the pet Geranium...see why we love her?

Impatien Farm
French Dwarf Marigolds!
Zinnias in Xenia

Rosie, our Miniature Rose
Our spectacular Daylilies!
Double Orange!
Gaudy Deep Orange!
 Drippy Yellow
 Just opening Double Orange
 End of the day Double Orange
 Today's Yellow with tomorrow's buds
I think these are SO sexy...

Beautiful flowers from my college campus

I LOVE these dainties

So beautiful

Happy bees!


Peace be with you, dear friends