Thursday, March 26, 2015

So this happened on the way home

 Great Blue Heron in flight!
 I had pulled off the road because I saw it in some water
 It flew, but just a few dozen feet the first time
 I had to get out of the car to get a shot, as it was behind me now
 As soon as I got out, it took off!
I love bird-in-flight shots, and this is one amazing bird to see fly!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring is here!

Sunday I spent a fair amount of time sitting in our "new"  swing!
My father made it years ago, when we had nowhere to put it.
Silly me...I forgot it was mine! We're so happy to have it out back.
Heather Sheep came out of the barn, and we put out our Easter flag.

Monday was a happy day...I found blooming things!
 Dear Galanthus, I am very happy to see you!
 And you, too, Eranthis!

 Oh how you cheer my frozen soul

 I came home to find Mr. Finch singing his heart out!
 And Mr. Downy came by to see me
 Mr. Cardinal and Mr. Finch met for dinner

 Ms. Cardinal just shook her! They didn't even invite her over.
 Yes, you ARE the pretty bird! A Louisville fan, no doubt...
Robins are very thankful for thawed ground!
 Lonesome Mourning dove...lonesome because another dove shooed him away.
 On Friday I surprised part of the campus herd!
 I love how the flash reflects in their was a dreary morning.
 Going to the Student Center for coffee, I'll bet...
 These geese are ready for baseball season!
 More deer...they posed for me!
 A Facebook friend suggested that these may represent three generations of does.

Ubiquitous Canada Geese...glad to have open water on our ponds!

It is Springtime in central Ohio, and we are most thankful!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stalking Bovidae

When we visit our fathers, The Bug can be assured of three things: there will be a wee bit of family drama, I will spend a lot of time at her father's house alternately taking pics of birds or sleeping off stress; and there will be pictures of sheep! And cows...and the occasional non-bovidae:

Blue Jay at the memorial birdbath...
 They stare at me...

 More sheep!
 A great Great Pyr, guarding the flock

 Don't you even think about messing with my lambies!

 Hmmmm...about time for another soon as that man leaves...

 My ancestral homeland in the background...the South Fork River valley
 Sheep, staring...
 At me...
 And cows!
 Well, you know...
Uninterested ass...
Random dog...
 And turkeys!