Saturday, October 19, 2013

In Need of a Renaissance.

The lads and I thought we might sail up the Scioto 
and crash the social event of the season! 
Seems the Lady of Willow Manor is giving a Ball!

  What ho! A Ball, you say?
 Yo ho! There be pirates there!
And lasses with flowers in their hair!
I sought to woo this buxom pirate lass
 Alack, distracted by her ample...
knowledge of swordplay,
I ran aground somewhere near Caesar's Creek.
 Where we were set upon by knights!
 Happily this one was armed only with a red rose...
 After a bit of jousting
 Officiated by a viking man from Canada
 And featuring a manly clash of, er, long pointy things
We were triumphant!
 In a manner of speaking...while they fought among themselves 
over who would get to skewer us...
We ran away (under the cover of bagpipes, of course)!
I made some effort to persuade yon fetching brunette
to accompany me to the festivities...
She was unpersuaded
Though I managed to coax her out of her armour!
 So I left me merry men to fend for themselves
And, leaving behind my flamboyant French threads,
I donned the garb of a common rogue
and set off on foot...
After a bit of mead for reinforcement
I reckon I shall be going stag to the Willow Manor Ball ;-)
Happily, the Moon is lighting my path
Mayhap I shall find a small boat
And make haste forthwith to yon festivities!