Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse!

We had clouds yesterday afternoon, and so we feared we would miss the Blood Moon eclipse. We did miss the low horizon moon, but then the clouds thinned

 This was one big moon!
 The shadow of Earth

 Clouds forming a Moon nest

 Almost total

 Total eclipse
 Just past peak...I didn't stay out for the other half of the show, but I did go out later to capture the brilliance of the Super Moon

I am the Moon Man, after all...even if I've never been there.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Transitioning to Autumn

 Our lovely roses at school

 Waxing Blood Moon
 Rose of Sharon in pink
Bug's Black-eyed Susan!

Ms. Pinky!

 And friends...
 Ms. Scarlett, our knock-out

 Tomatoes still trying to make, but not enough daylight for them

And the healthy patch of pokeweed in the back corner of a neighbor's yard. Birds love the berries, of course, including our Northern Cardinal family:
 Mama and her kids!
 I think she got her hair did...

I confess I grow weary of the purple droppings in and around the bird bath. Such is life, it seems: we take the crap along with the beauty! Don't forget to see the beauty... 
 I'm sure going to miss these little ones!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cardinal Caring, Autumn Closing In

We surely have been enjoying the clear, cool evenings this week!
The Moon has been shining down on us
The fields are turning, drying out for harvest time
And the deer are becoming darker, as they do in Autumn
On Saturday night, a cute toad came to visit!
And the Moon was spectacular!

We have the silliest squirrel ever...ever! This happens...a lot:
Yesterday I had to run it off the feeder so our sweet little birdies could come in for their evening meal
Squirrel taking Squirrel Route 1 back to the tree...
 We have a couple of little chickadees in the 'hood!

 Mama Cardinal, looking, well, like usual
 Here's one of her juveniles!
 "I know you didn't just sass me, young lady!"
 The Juveniles diving into the seed!
They are getting so big! Mama still keeps an anxious eye on them, though.
And the Moon swells

We did see a hummingbird at twilight, but no chance for pics. They are still with us, for the moment, but it is day to day. I will sorely miss their presence! Godspeed, little ones...see you next year!