Friday, February 27, 2015

Frosty Morn...

A favorite little creek of mine, southern Clark County
Misty Moon
Another Clark County creek
No ducks, but pretty!
Massie Creek, Greene County
Open pool in frozen farm pond
Southern Champaign County
Dear UU Deer
One student called it Mordor, lol!
Library Squirrel...very smart
Mad River Mallards
Frozen Massie from another bridge

In's cold up in here! But beautiful...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fowl weather

Apparently our waterfowl are getting quite randy...

 I caught these Hooded Mergansers hooking up on a very cold creek

 Mallard couple...practicing synchronized landings
 Mallards and several Hoodie couples...swimming away from the intrusive photographer
 More Mallards, and surprise Hoodies on Massie Creek!
 Mallards in the sun on the Mad River
 Oh! Male Canvas-back Duck wintering on the Mad
 Ignoring the many Mallards
 Oh, Canada...I found your geese...
 They love the Mad, whose swift waters never fully freeze over
 Even the common Horned Larks seem to be in the mood...

 Not so much the wild turkeys...
 They're too busy picking over last year's cornfields

Monday, February 23, 2015

Take off, eh!

 Little Miami River at dawn
 Geese in flight over the Mad River
 Fresh powder
 Avalanche risk!
 Or beach sand?
 Little Miami this afternoon
 Closer look...
 Massie Creek
No heron in sight this day
Still water finds a way...and so do we.
After all, Boys will be Boys
And the Moon and planets and stars chart their courses.

Life, like water, is finds a way. Embrace it!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Wonders

This has been a cold, busy week, but also a week filled with wonder!

 Sunday brought this little guy visiting our suet cake...I always love seeing Downy Woodpeckers!
 Another Great Blue Heron sighting, this one on Monday along Massie Creek
 The BIF shot leaves something to be desired, but I wanted you to see the magnificent wings!

On Tuesday afternoon, this happened! A Bald Eagle in central OH!
 Looks to be about three years old, so yellow bill but not all white up top yet
 I was stunned, to say the least! What a photo op, even if it was at my lens limit
 Wednesday's wonder? Wild Turkeys!
Thursday began with typical winter "wonders":
The ever-present Canada Geese

A big, beautiful Red-tailed Hawk
 Played peek-a-boo with me!

And this prancing patootie
Gave me a look!
Today? Sunrise...and much brrrrr!
 With Blue Jays providing the soundtrack!
Then flying away from the silly man and his camera.

Take care this weekend...going to be very cold, and snowy for some. And take time to enjoy the wonders around you...they are worthy of your attention!