Monday, March 7, 2011

Signs of Life

 I am still struggling--the absence of poetry from my blog is stark testament to that fact.  
But I am not quite ready to be consigned to you, good sir!
Rather, I am like the angry, rushing Little Miami, lashing out at my confinements, 
seeking to carve out something new.
If winter has not quite released its hold on me, it is fading
And there are signs of spring, like this plump robin in the yard
And this brave sparrow contemplating a bath.
Winter aconite blooms brightest after bitter cold
And these youngsters seem extra frisky!
How I long to run and play with them
With no thought to future perils.
But I am more woodpecker than lamb these days
Pecking away, slow but steady,
Fluffed against the lingering chill.
This, too, will pass. 
 Or so the squirrels say.
I generally take them at their word.  Besides,
I saw two redwinged blackbirds yesterday!


KimQuiltz said...

You and I are on the very same page today. I'll send you the linked proof tomorrow after my latest "Bird Word" column is published in tomorrow's paper.

Yay spring!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, welcome sweet springtime!

altar ego said...

Frisky sheep. Imagine! We seem to have robins year-round, not sure why. Either that, or they come back extra early to scope out and claim the best sites for nest-building. Here, the daffs are up!