Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The battle is joined

The Serpentine Seven

Slithery scales, nail-tough,
Rough-crowned heads,
Dreaded fangs and talons
Balanced by spear-point tails
Only hell’s smithy could
Have envisioned, saw-tooth
Spines, precision cut.

Twisting turning intertwining
Winding their way around
My being, seven dragons
Now awake, unleashed,
Born to chase savage demons
Whose screaming meemies
Shatter seeming tranquil dreams

Teeming demons, mine, legion,
Legend, nigh unto unbearable
Terrible in their relentlessness,
Too long suppressed, grown
Fat inside and out, stout
Demons, yes, but no match
For seven dragons, summoned.


The Bug said...

Ooh I LOVE this! Let the battle begin!

JeannetteLS said...

Powerful. The writing and your "chosen" dragons. Or did they choose you?

NCmountainwoman said...

This is so graphic I didn't even need the photographs (which are very nice, BTW). "Only hell's smithy" is such a well-turned phrase.

It is powerful; disturbing and spooky and just perfect for Halloween!

Argent said...

"screaming meemies" - like the sound of that. An intriguing poem, although I'm not sure I understand it (being candid here, blame the Bug). The sound of the words, though, begs it to be read alound.

Carolina Linthead said...

Argent, it is based on Chinese medicine...the idea that there are seven dragons within us that may be called forth (by acupuncture, for example) to chase away demons that are vexing us. I am in a process of healing right now, opening myself up to my sadness of body and spirit, and when a dear friend told me of the dragons, well, I just had to write about them :-)

Argent said...

Aha! I see it now. Thanks for enlightening me and I wish much strength to your dragons.

Reya Mellicker said...

Dragons kick ass, apparently, or so the acupuncturist says. Fabulous poem! Thanks for dedicating it to me - I am a dragon according to Chinese astrology.

I love the drakes!

Carolina Linthead said...

Thank you, Reya! You are a dragon, in the best possible sense :-)