Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Of Forts and Last Ports of Call

Day Trip to Savannah

Last time, we were too tired after Fort Polaski to tramp around 
Old Fort Jackson and Bonaventure Cemetery
Visitors' Center and puffy clouds!

Old Fort Jackson in its Civil War era configuration

 I love this brave little bloom!

 War of 1812 cannon

 Rifle slits in the wall of the expanded Fort Jackson, moat

The US Flag as it appeared from 1795 to 1818
Fifteen stars, fifteen strips (original states plus VT and KY)

 Container ship headed upriver to Savannah's port facilities
The main channel runs right past the fort

 Movie prop Civil War era heavy gun

 Container ship...see? Wow

Me taking pictures of said container ship...thanks, Bug!

 Inner wall showing how rifle slits allow marksmen to pivot

 Our docent: a young woman dressed as a Confederate corporal

 The oldest (War of 1812) part of the fort

 The "new" (pre-Civil War) powder magazine
Solid masonry walls, iron roof!

 Outer wall, riverside...no need for rifle slits here

Danabug avoiding the artillery demonstration, lol!


Palmettos...silent sentries

Abundant Live Oaks

Spanish Moss hanging wraith-like from the trees

One of the more famous angels

Paying our respects to Johnny Mercer

My favorite lyricist!

Yes they do...

Little Gracie :-(

Somber monuments to fallen soldiers

Juxtaposed to this more "playful" one

A haunted, haunting space, even at mid-day

Boat on the Wilmington River, over which the spirits
Of Bonaventure keep watch

Savannah Fare, Savannah Fair
The Pirates House!
Complete with pirates

And spirit-resistant blue shutters

Not the best food in Savannah, but far from the worst and very Southern
We really enjoyed the experience!

Fountain at Forsyth Park!

With loads of lovely flowering flora!

We left exhausted, but with spirits lifted


ellen abbott said...

beautiful set of pictures. thanks for taking me along.

Jo said...

I love the way you've grouped your pics. Thanks for taking us along on a fascinating, insightful journey.