Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sun and Moon, Birds and Blooms

Ah, Ohio...what a week!

 We had sun



Squirrels, lol!




More sun 


And Stars, oh my! 

And there are cows... 

Curious cows, staring at me... 

And corn, reaching, begging for rain 

Wheat straw being baled 

Flowers, wild 

And not so wild 

And more cows, shade, and sun 



 Pinky, our pet geranium!

 Rosie, our miniature, is blooming again!

 Volunteer heirloom tomatoes!

Bathing birds

 A bit testy in the heat

But relishing a cool bath!

Too much sun...

 My Ass thinks so...

 But our day lilies love it...

As do our daisies!

Meanwhile, the birds

 And the bees

Keep on keeping on

So do we...hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Steve said...

Like your Squirrels.

The Bug said...

LOL - those birds are a hoot :)

Linda said...

Summer is here, even in Xenia! This is such a wonderful celebration through your musings here. I loved the pics and the commentary. A community of one home. Fabulous, and thank you for sharing.

NCmountainwoman said...

LOVED the photographs! We are also have to keep on keeping on in the unbelievable heat. It was 80 degrees last night at 10:00!