Saturday, August 4, 2012

What a week...

Farewell, July. Here's hoping August will bring rain to so very many parched places, including our yard. Life is a zoo around here, but rather than go on about that, I'll just post nature pics, lol: 

 We'll start out with Big Tom, a Mr. Stripey heirloom. Yum!
 The Occasional Squirrel 
 One of our last daisies of the season
The Neighbor Chickens coming to visit
 They make us cackle...heh...
 One of the few things growing in our yard
 Last fall's mums are doing quite well on their come-back tour, as long as we water them
 Crow in flight
 Canada geese
 They make us cackle, too
 Young bull...I choose to name him Spot
These two are giving me the eye...
And Pinkie, our five-year-old pet geranium, out of control.
Yes, there is a maple tree growing in Pinkie's pot, as well :-)
 Finally, back by popular demand...
 The waxing moon
Gracing the dry skies over Ohio
Flirting with the occasional cloud wisps...
Rising again, full at last


Jayne said...

Hoping and wishing the heat starts retreating here soon too. So looking forward to a cool breeze. Hugs from GA. :c)

altar ego said...

I'm so impressed with your geranium. Five years! I can't keep one alive for a single season. I think she looks lovely. May I will adopt her? From afar, of course.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Love that last shot. Great job.

Lowandslow said...

I agree. That last shot is spectacular! Thanks for sharing it. :)