Sunday, December 2, 2012

Max Meadows, 11/25/12

After a couple of years of battling traffic on the combined I-77 and I-81 through Wytheville, VA, we discovered a delightful detour that takes us along the New River for a bit and then over through Max Meadows. You never know what you might see in Max Meadows!!!

 Flop-eared goats


 Dorset Horned Sheep?
 I think so...

 These look to be American Tunis Sheep
 A hearty breed

 Whatever they are, they make me smile!
 Pretty horses!
 Awwww! I want one! Please, Bug?
 So cute!
 There are lots and lots and lots of cows in Max Meadows
 Here are a couple of fine Herefords
 Did I mention sheep? These appear to be mostly Suffolks
This was the sky that greeted us as we returned to Ohio...
Along with this moon!

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The Bug said...

Such a fun stretch of road - I'm SO glad we found it!