Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow, Crows, Moon and Hawks

It has been an odd weather week in OH, and the critters are restless.

 There was a full moon
 Maybe that explains all the crows

 Lots and lots of crows
 Bright moon
 Cold wind, spitting snow
 And lots
 and lots
 of crows

 And more snow
 and ninja squirrels
 I see hawks all the time, but today we saw two together!
 This one immediately flew up to a higher perch
 This one sailed low into a cornfield
 where it hid from us
 While the first one went on guard, circling overhead
 Giving us a good flash of tail feathers
Yes, you ARE a red-tailed hawk!


The Bug said...

It was SO COOL to see the two hawks together today!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great shots! We have also seen lots and lots of crows lately. They surely are noisy. And lucky you...two hawks together.