Saturday, January 18, 2014

Frozen Ohio

So much for the January thaw...

 The waxing moon brought cold air with it
 The deer seemed to know what was coming
 Making beds for themselves in the leaves
 Staring at me
 Buffy seems to love the long as there's hay
 Full moon...and snow on the way
 Hi there, cutie!
 Our campus turned into a winter wonderland on Thursday and Friday!
 I took the scenic route home
(yes, I took this while driving)
 The Village of Tremont City
 Curious Pup
(I was stopped at the one traffic light)
 Love this tableau (note "Don't Tread on Me" flag)
 The splendidly frosty Mad River
(I was stopped on the bridge)
 It was a fluffy snow
 Row of trees on Buffy's farm
 Stalks left from their field of sweet corn
 One of The Bug's favorite scenes
(I was stopped in the middle of the road)
 Cut cornstalks in snow
 Canada geese circling over cornfields and frozen ponds
A cute little house on the outskirts of our town
(I was stopped at a traffic light...we have more than one)


The Bug said...

Lovely! Thanks for posting these :)

P.S. Is it my imagination or did it get colder while I was looking at these pictures?

Jenny Woolf said...

These are great photos, really show how cold it is. I specially like the one of the dog looking through the door. It was a good idea to include the moon. I am so sorry for the animals covered in snow, but I suppose they don't know any different.