Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bleak Midwinter, yada yada...

Well, Groundhog Day has come and gone, and winter roars on in the Midwest. I guess we are lucky in that we still measure storm totals in inches, not feet, but the jet stream has us in its sights, and one fears what increased volatility (typical for these parts in late February and early March) may bring! We have had the polar vortex, the snow roller snow, followed by another arctic plunge, and now Nika, followed by another arctic plunge. There is more snow, more single digit or sub-zero temps, yada yada, in the long-term forecast...for as far as the weather eye can see. And so I offer for your amusement yet more images of frozen, snowy Ohio...heh. Grab a blanket, snuggle up by the fire, and enjoy!

 The most ice the Little Miami has seen in quite some time!
 Cedar Run, heading south to join the Mad River
 Looking north toward Cedar Bog, which is actually a fen
 Just another day at the beach, right? Right?
Birdies are very dependent on me these days
 Mama Cardinals and a Dark-eyed Junco butt
Well-fed Song Sparrow
And of course these clowns
 Massie Creek on the eve of Nika
 Fish pond...I went with black and suited the day
 Farm pond
 One of a series of ponds just off HWY 68 in Springfield, OH
 They are usually home to geese and ducks
 Not so much right now!
 Frozen pond at a local park
 Love this giant cedar!
 Frozen eye
 Aye, tis cold!
 Very cold
Yet so lovely
 We have a large goose population that winters here
I see them in droves out in the corn fields, and they can always find open water on the Mad River, as it never freezes
However, something tells me that THIS goose wants to be on a warm beach, one with a tiki bar! Or is that just me?
 Remnants of the aforementioned Nika
 My moccasin print in the ice-capped snow
Rather beautiful on the shrubbery, though!
 Winter wears on, but I think Santa is ready to bug out!
And Joseph seems to be asking, "How long until Spring, oh Lord?"

How long, indeed...


The Bug said...

How long is right! But it is lovely...

Pixel Peeper said...

Beautiful pictures!

I believe that's why there is Valentine's lift our spirits out of the bleak and dreary winter doldrums! Well, and Easter still is so far's nice to have something to tide you over.

NCmountainwoman said...

It is lovely all right. I must admit I am more content to look at your lovely photographs than brave that cold. With one of my children in Milwaukee, and the other one in Indianapolis I get frequent updates, along with descriptive expletives about the never ending cold and snow.

Franklin Bruce Taylor said...

I spent three years in Indianapolis back in the late 60's/early 70's. We never had a bad winter and after we moved to Arizona the Hoosier state was pounded by snow and cold. I said to my wife "Gee, a strange winter in Indiana." She said, "No, that's normal. You were just lucky!"