Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dewey Beach, DE...seeking Atlantic Solace

 We saw and heard a LOT of beautiful Red-winged Blackbirds,
but this seems to be the only picture I took of one
 Bottlenose Dolphins feeding just offshore!

 Crow by Rehoboth Bay...Dewey really is just a spit of sand between the Atlantic and Rehoboth Bay,
like a miniature OBX, with all the accompanying flaws and charms

Heron on the shore of a small freshwater lake
 Ubiquitous Laughing Gulls
 Boat-tailed Grackle
 Gull, Laughing
 Starling, staring
 Eastern Cottontail!
 Lots of beautiful flowers! Love me some Rhododendron...
Gull in the mist
 Laughing Gull
 Dolphins again

 Mockingbird, strutting his stuff!
 Black Hawk fly-over (thanks for the ID, S!)
 Gals and Gulls
 The catch of the day
 Bluefish! And a nature photographer's dream...
 Another Osprey, another meal for the family
 Ubiquitous American Black Duck
 Being Mocked
 Bright Moon, just past full
 Male Blue Grosbeak!
 A "life" bird for me!

 Our view all week...sigh...
Silly Golden butt!
 A gaggle of girls, realizing there are dolphins feeding not ten yards from them!
THIS is what Dewey Beach is all about
 Well, and craft-brewed beer! Dogfish Head 60 min. Ale
 And Crabcakes, of course!
 Dogfish Head 61...60 min.'s slightly more potent brother
Crabcake Caesar Salad at The Starboard
Gotta meet "Under the Shark" when at Dewey Beach!
 There is a bit of history in Dewey Beach
Two observation towers, built in WWII...German U-Boats were active just off-shore
as freighters came and went from ports of call to the north
There are also historic town centers nearby, a restored life-saving station, and much more,
But mostly we went for this

And this
A bit of peace and quiet in the midst of the tumult that is our world these days


Lowandslow said...

Wow! Love the osprey photos. Is that a Sea Hawk or a Black Hawk? I though the visual difference was location of the tail wheel? Near the rotor...Black Hawk. Under the cabin...Sea Hawk. 'Course, I've been wrong before. Thanks for sharing your vacation. Glad you made it back safely. :)


Carolina Linthead said...

You're probably right, S! That spread would be hard to land on a ship's helipad. I didn't know that was the difference...thanks!

Mary said...

Love all of this. Crab cakes. Ocean. Birds. Thank you!

The Bug said...

It was a fabulous time - good choice for vacation dear heart!

Pixel Peeper said...

It sounds like you had just the kind of vacation you needed!

Love all your shots. Never heard of Dewey Beach before, now I want to go on vacation there...sigh.

NCmountainwoman said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I can almost smell the ocean air.