Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Wonders

This has been a cold, busy week, but also a week filled with wonder!

 Sunday brought this little guy visiting our suet cake...I always love seeing Downy Woodpeckers!
 Another Great Blue Heron sighting, this one on Monday along Massie Creek
 The BIF shot leaves something to be desired, but I wanted you to see the magnificent wings!

On Tuesday afternoon, this happened! A Bald Eagle in central OH!
 Looks to be about three years old, so yellow bill but not all white up top yet
 I was stunned, to say the least! What a photo op, even if it was at my lens limit
 Wednesday's wonder? Wild Turkeys!
Thursday began with typical winter "wonders":
The ever-present Canada Geese

A big, beautiful Red-tailed Hawk
 Played peek-a-boo with me!

And this prancing patootie
Gave me a look!
Today? Sunrise...and much brrrrr!
 With Blue Jays providing the soundtrack!
Then flying away from the silly man and his camera.

Take care this weekend...going to be very cold, and snowy for some. And take time to enjoy the wonders around you...they are worthy of your attention!


NCmountainwoman said...

Oh my goodness! What wonders you did see. Some I've never seen at all in the wild and you saw them all in one week. Luck was definitely with you.

The Bug said...

Love the side-eye that silly deer was giving you :)

Catalyst/Taylor said...

It was in the 70's here in the mountains today but the only real wildlife I saw was a squirrel dithering which way to go in the road ahead of my car. I slowed almost to a stop and he apparently scampered to freedom. At least I heard no thump.

Linda said...

What the thermometer said and what the temperature really was outside were miles apart. In reality the weather vane huddled around freezing... 32F but the weather report said -23C which would have been -9F. The part of my car that was in the sun had no ice or snow because it was melted. The shaded part of the car at the back needed cleaned. Anyway, you seem to have been hosting raptor week in Ohio. What a collection of birds! Beats the heck out of the Board of Directors and Canada Geese!! Not to mention your Blue Heron. Thank you for sharing the WOWS!!

Barbarrosa said...

Great group of pictures! And I am sure our students at UU appreciate having you as one of their beloved instructors. You are a part of what makes the U unique for my Alma Mater's students.
Bob Harrison aka "Red Beard"
UC/UU Class of '78

Gerry Snape said...

goodness ...wild turkeys and bald eagles...these are creatures only to be read of over here!!...thankyou!