Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet the new month...same as the old month

March came in like a snow leopard!
Sweet Jesus... (the Holy Family, toppled and smothered)
 But at least we have cute little snowbirds!
Dark-eyed Juncos
 Song Sparrows

 And Cardinals, oh my!

And House Sparrows

Along with a few sweet Mourning Doves
Yesterday I even saw a White-Throated Sparrow!
 We have the usual bullies
 And the occasional Blue Jay!

 As well as The Occasional Squirrel

And snow...


The Bug said...

That poor holy family... :)

What a busy back yard!

NCmountainwoman said...

No snow here. Just freezing rain and sleet. Warming trend this week. Great busy birds. Ours are singing in the mornings now. Sweet sounds.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

You have a plethora of wildlife there. We're stuck with ravens, mourning doves and finches, though I did find a family of owls this week. And Saturday night when we were returning from a party we spotted a coyote alongside the road.