Saturday, April 4, 2015

Somber night for a moon dance

The full moon rose midst clouds
 She played peekaboo with me for a spell
 Gaily dancing
 Darkness and light
 First full moon after the spring equinox
 Sacred to Hebrew, Christian, and Pagan alike
 Passover had begun
 Eastertide was upon us
 Our darkness, her light...
 A bit after 6am this morning, the heralded lunar eclipse began
 Earth-shadow devouring the moon
 Ancient dance
Blood moon eclipse, setting in the west

Today is filled with somber reflection...grief for what has happened to students, friends, all of us; anger for seeming senseless violence, hate, destruction; horror for young lives, families, communities shattered, children orphaned, bright lights extinguished. We could use some resurrection up in here! Some rebirth and renewal. May it be so!


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NCmountainwoman said...

Great post and perfect narrative.

Catalyst said...

Tough times all around.