Friday, July 31, 2015

Birds, Blooms, and a Blue Moon

 July is at an end, fittingly on a full moon Friday
 Our daisies are diminishing
The daily day lily explosion
 Is all but done
A lone pansy holds on for another day
 Happily our squirrels have planted us a few sunflowers!
 And the Cypress vines are hitting full stride
 This is the season of very hungry hummingbirds

 Our hanging baskets are hanging in there, too
Hummers love them, as well
 Ms. Pinky is thriving
And being her two-toned self
 The ol' gal learned a new trick! She grew her own petunias
Two tones, naturally...
 And she has a little friend!
 This lady stops by every day

We have a little male, too...he thinks he owns the neighbor's feeders...all of them!
Blue moon, too many people have too little love in their hearts, too much fear, too much anger and pain. As you make your orbit, surely you hear prayers being whispered, wailed, screamed, and many more are silently offered, for grace and peace to descend on us, for hope and healing, for understanding and meaning. We mourn the dead, and we pray for those who must live on with shattered families, lives, and dreams. May we find comfort in each other, and solace in the beauty of each new day.


Marion Lawless said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Only my hardiest flowers are still blooming (Morning Glory, Moonflowers, Zinnias, Periwinkles) here in the Louisiana swamps, but we have lots of dragonflies & hummingbirds. And that moon!!! Every night she wakes me & I walk in her spilt-milk moonlight & we tell each other lunar secrets. And here comes August, the hottest chick on the calendar. LOL! The best thing about August is that September comes tripping in on her heels. xo

The Bug said...

Our yard has been great this year!

NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful and moving post. I'll visit it often when I want to see only beauty. I've missed you and I'm glad you're back.