Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Anniversary in St. Lucia

Our first volcanic Caribbean island stop, St. Lucia is a study in contrasts. She lives off of tourist dollars, mostly, but life is uneven. This was a banner day for her, as five cruise ships were in the harbor, including the majestic Britannia!

View from the fantail
A leisurely morning for us
Juxtaposition: cruise ship docks guarded by razor wire...the only time we saw that on our trip
Twenty percent unemployment means lots of squatters making use of whatever shelter they can find...in this case, abandoned military barracks.
There are many reminders of her embattled past: in the colonial wars, the French and British fought over St. Lucia no less than 14 times, splitting right down the middle in terms of winners. By the end of the Napoleonic era, Britain was in control for good.
The monument commemorates the Inniskilling Fusiliers, a British colonial regiment.
This park also serves as a public space offering spectacular views.
Do you see the woman sighing? Some say she is giving birth
Rain forest highlands in the distance; valleys in which sugar cane was grown in the fore
On our way to the highlands, we stopped at a boutique.
We were treated to a great view of the beautiful harbor at the port city of Castries, our Summit in the fore
These artists are practicing batik
Danabug bought a lovely fan to use in the event of hot flashes.
I bought an ice-cold Piton lager...it cured my hot flash
Another view from the back porch. What a nice place for a cold beer, eh?
As we headed higher, we saw some unusual sights...a coffee tree in this man's front yard
The cashew plant, the nuts of which hang down...
And a little park at the Rainforest Adventures zip line
We went in here for a taste of local banana bread and a chance to buy a cold drink
We didn't zip line, but I did buy a cap and another Piton lager
While I sipped on my beer, I bird-watched...the hunter appeared!
It is a juvenile broad-winged hawk, a small Buteo
It is eyeing the little birds, I think...
Bullfinches and the colorful Bananaquit!
Spectacular flora, as one would expect

Banana fingers forming on a banana plant (it's not a tree, y'all)
St. Lucia does export bananas...a small part of its economy, though.
And star fruit hanging on the trees

And oh my, the views from the highlands! Caribbean Sea
Atlantic Ocean in the distance
A local market, and our guide Lucretia in the green t-shirt.
St. Lucia is an island of contrasts
Where unfinished houses remain untaxed
A troubled island filled with beautiful people
Living as best they can.
Rich in history
Subject to the whims of a fickle global economy
Her people ask only that we come visit them
And if we like what we see
Spread the word to others.
St. Lucia is a challenged but breathtaking island
We hope to visit again sometime.
Until then, we have very warm memories!
The island and its people will now forever be in our hearts
Because they helped us celebrate this, our 25th wedding anniversary!
Cap'n Sugar, fetch me Antigua, if you please,
While I accompany my wife to dinner, followed by a moonlit stroll...


The Bug said...

It was another lovely day on our trip. Thanks sweetie!

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh my. What a lovely synopsis of your St. Lucia visit. Great photographs and great narrative. Thanks.

Pixel Peeper said...

I have a world map on the wall in my dining nook...I'm following your trip by checking this map as you go along!