Sunday, February 7, 2016

300th Post: Cooper's Hawk

 Saw this the other day stalking the feeders...immature Cooper's Hawk!
 Brazen, really, but what does one expect from a juvenile?
 Changes are coming soon for this one...yellow eyes will redden
Dark browns will give way to shades of gray.
And those thin virtical streaks will give way to horizontal bars on the breast. Still, the hunger for things with feathers will burn in this one's is what Cooper's Hawks do.


NCmountainwoman said...

What a treat and feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing these great photographs.

Catalyst said...

Wonderful pictures, Dr. M.

Marion said...

Such wonderful photos! I love Hawks. We have tall, old Piney woods across the road and I watch them soar in breezes and land on the tips of the Pines. I'll be out planting flowers and see a shadow cross over me, look up and there's a couple of Hawks, playing...or so it seems to me. Great post! xo