Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Miscellany: Of Sheep and Men

You will recall from The Bug's post that our pre-Thanksgiving holiday included a visit here:
Beautiful Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Where we stayed in the Lure Lodge at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

 And saw signs (Sun Dog!)

And Wonders! (late Autumn color!)

After our long ramble from the lodge to Hickory, NC, we visited with family over Thanksgiving, which in my case involved spending time with my father and brother, as well as spending time with The Bug's clan. We were a bit tense going in...The Bug and I stood at odds with many of our relatives this election. We could not comprehend how they could vote for that man, and they could not comprehend how we could vote for that woman. I must say that I felt all parties made an heroic effort to put aside the late unpleasantness and celebrate our love, one for another. For that and many other blessings, we give thanks!
In the season when being one of the "deplorables" became a badge of honor, when much venom has been spewed and many of us look to the future with fear and loathing, this meme made me laugh out loud.

From left to right, Pop, my bro, and me...from a few years ago on Thanksgiving at my brother's house.

This Thanksgiving I had dinner with The Bug's clan in the fellowship hall of a local church. We posed for our annual picture in their sanctuary, and I of course LOVED this window!

And a fine clan it is! (Seriously, a Scottish surname, Tartan and all...)

I spent much of Wednesday and Friday here at my father's house with Pop and bro. In the days of his youth, my Pop helped his cousin build this house for my grandparents (I wasn't even a twinkle in his eye at that time). Now it is his nest, as long as he can manage to live on his own. Thankfully, when he turned 80 he figured he had best stop burning wood for heat, so he had gas heat installed. Up until then, he carried in all his own firewood. We were much relieved to get him to make that call!

 I love to drive past this Lincoln County farm on my way to and from my father's house!
 These Belted Galloway cattle are wonderful!
 I've been taking pics of this Great Pyr for a number of years now.
 More belted cattle.
 And little donkeys!
SO cute!
 And sheep!

 I have a thing for sheep, you know...
The Bug's sister-in-law customized this wonderful travel mug for me!
I do confess the red clay of Lincoln County calls to me...beckoning me to return to the county my ancestors founded, to the place we have called home for nigh unto 250 years. Someday, red clay, you and I will again commune, if only to grow geraniums and such...


The Bug said...

It was a surprisingly drama-free trip! Of course, it always helps to have sheep... :)

Catalyst said...

I understand how the land calls but until it is no longer covered with snow I'm staying where I am.