Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Dreamy Sunday with LC

Always to Dream
by Lemuel Crouse

Do you know what it's like
Always to dream?
Oh, not at night,
When mortals dream,
But always.
To dream of making a difference.
To dream of a better world.
To dream of horrors, too,
Past, present, future.
Dreams unceasing,
Sometimes overwhelming,
Always vivid, visceral, evocative.
How easy to lose myself in them.
How hard to know what's real.
How very hard to push them aside
And do what needs doing
Each day.
Without you I am lost,
Adrift on a sea of dreams,
No land in sight,
Slowly taking on water
Until I sink into the void.

Thank you, my love for keeping old emails!

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The Bug said...

Oh my dreamer - I'm glad to keep you tethered to earth for a while :)