Monday, September 6, 2010

Inanity from Eden

This week the Magpie of Willow Manor teased us with an apple, resting on an issue of Vanity Fair, no less.  I held out as long as I could...

Vanity.  Look at him
Kneeling beside still water,
Studying his perfect form.
What harm can come, I said
From knowing one’s true self?
And from beneath the leaf
The fruit I drew, showing him
Just where I took a nibble.
He didn’t even quibble with me.

Insanity.  I am drowning
In my mind’s sea, devoid of form,
A perfect storm raging on the surface,
No shores in place to contain my anger
And pain.  I need someone to blame
For this chaotic condition!  Her?
She could not have understood
What this would mean, but YOU!
YOU knew!  Why did you not stop me?

Humanity.  That’s the name
You chose, is it?  I knew you as Adam
And I am saddened by your sin.
Not fair you say?  You knew the rules
From the beginning.  How dare you
Presume to discern MY will,
Given how little of THIS mind
You will ever know.  Now go!
Your path lies there, beyond my garden.

Divinity.  Eternal heart
Which cannot harden, above
Beyond, apart, much more
Are you than warden of a perfect park.
Your spark is here inside,
We can no more hide from you
Than you from us.  Trust your creation
To break your heart in the beginning.
Sometimes there’s just no winning, is there?


willow said...

Wow, powerful piece, Linthead...or do they call you Dr. Linthead? My favorite bit is "warden of a perfect park". Brilliant.

Sam Liu said...

A stirring piece, the mix of vivid imagery and profound theology is wonderful and very effective. Thought-provoking and strong.

Everyday Goddess said...

rich in many thoughts and images Dr.

excellent mag!

kathew said...

Strong and thoughtful Magpie!

Lyn said...

Heart broken at the beginning..more to come, I fear..real insight..
I sort of did an original sin piece too..

Lydia said...

Candidly. A great poem.
Not inane in the slightest.

Argent said...

I like this, it has great rhythm and the last line finishes it off beautifully.