Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rambling About

After a fairly tense week, we needed a ramble.  So we headed out, sandwiches and chips and drinks in hand.  The great joy of living in rural Ohio is that there truly are wonders around every corner, as long as one is willing to count corn and bean fields, lush pastures, old barns, and hardwood groves as wonders.  We certainly count high on our list the several rivers and creeks that carve through our area.  Massie Creek is a rival in size to the Little Miami River before they join forces and head south to the Ohio, and if it does not quite have the spectacular gorge the Little Miami has carved, it does possess its wonders.  Here is one of them, Cedar Cliff Falls:

The "falls" are actually man-made, the remnants of a 40 ft. mill dam, but the effect is visually beautiful, nonetheless.  The sound was most impressive, too, bolstered as the falls were by recent rains.  We loved this little fall on the side, looking all grotto-esque: 

Massie Creek goes on its way, and so do we, heading back up to the car.

Isn't she cute? Among our other charming wonders are our numerous covered bridges! Here is one that spans Massie Creek downstream from the falls (yes, it is still in use):

All in all, a great Saturday ramble!


Reya Mellicker said...

How completely gorgeous! Wow. Great pic of Dana, btw. You even have covered bridges? That is so romantic.

Have you read His Excellency by Joseph Ellis? A GREAT bio of George Washington. At the beginning of the book he talks about Ohio, how that was the wild wilderness waaaayyy out there beyond "civilization." From your pics, it looks that way to me! Very cool.

altar ego said...

I feel refreshed by your pictures, and am glad that you ventured forth to enjoy the balm of nature's goodness.

Jayne said...

Love all these glorious photos of the water and especially the covered bridge. Beautiful! Now, I need to go pee...