Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh, the memories

Fish Camp Days

On the back road, one
County over, cinder block
Building...nothing special...
Gingham print tablecloth,
Pine board booth bench,
Ice tea pitcher sweating
On the table beside a
Ketchup bottle and a
Chrome napkin dispenser.
Seafood platter, please...
Mom will have the flounder,
Dad the perch, and slaw
(as if it wasn't mandatory)
And could we have a
Basket of hush puppies
While we wait? Thank you!
An hour later we extract
Ourselves from the booth
And waddle out the door
Like fat fortunate cats.

Image from interwebz.
Thanks, tk, for the inspiration.


The Bug said...

LOL - ours was similar except Daddy had the seafood platter (yuck to the oysters!) & the rest of us got filet of flounder. Yum!!

Oh, & waddling home is right!

Catalyst said...

Damn! That looks good!

Tess Kincaid said...

Yum...I could eat this right now...and I've already had some tonight...!

Argent said...

Fat, fortunate cats! That line just trips off the tongue!

NCmountainwoman said...

Yep. My parents loved to take us to the Starlight Fish Camp. It wasn't so much the huge portions that amazed me. It was watching so many people eat big slices (they called them slabs) of pie, afterwards, often ala mode. And that after I had seen them eat very large platters of food.

We have a fish camp here in Brevard where the Democrats meet every month. The Republicans meet at the Bar-be-cue place. Tons of delicious food either place.