Sunday, September 9, 2012

(Mostly) Sunny Sunday

Despite our being under the weather, we have enjoyed a glorious weather day here on the hem of the lone prairie

 Mourning dove in the morning sun

Daisies refusing to let go of summer

 Mums coming on strong for fall
 Hummingbirds fattening up for the long flight ahead
 Light local air traffic as some clouds move in
 Our volunteer tomatoes continue to provide succulent sustenance
 Sweet little goldfinches are flitting about
 This little female found the mother lode of thistle seed
 Don't worry...the sparrows do not go wanting here
 Nor do the squirrels
 See what I mean?
 Ah, a different squirrel, not welcomed by the bigger one...
Finding something to eat, none the less

All is well, here, despite the plague. The Bug is in la la land thanks to some Tylenol PM. She needed some help to combat the constant sneezing and very runny nose, and diphenhydramine usually does the trick with her. Thank you, Dr. Rieveschl and the University of Cincinnati! Here's hoping we all have a good week. Cheers!


The Bug said...

La la land is right! But it does the trick...

Love the little finch - so cute!

Lowandslow said...

Your photos always look so serene. Keep pumping "that stuff" into Dana and get her well.


Jayne said...

Hope the sickness will be leaving the household soon! Love seeing the mums for sale now... blessed relief is upon us... finally. :c)