Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tiffany Angels

My university has been hosting these gorgeous fully restored Louis Comfort Tiffany windows for some weeks now. Soon they will be packed up and shipped south, to Alabama and then on to Texas. They are breathtaking!

Each angel represents an Asia Minor church mentioned in the Revelation of John







Let's study Pergamos up close:
 Without the "light box" effect
 As Tiffany would have seen him in the shop?
 The magnificent glass stone, clutched in his hand
 And now with back lighting, no flash
 Back-lit, subtle flash, the stone glowing in hand

And yet, for all his splendor, Pergamos must yield, for my heart belongs to Ephesus:

The loveliness of her face...

The magnificent Tiffany drapery class cowl...

For more on these treasures, including how they came to be commissioned, why their church was torn down, and how they survived precariously in storage for four decades, click here!


The Bug said...

They sure are gorgeous! I totally recommend that people go see them if they can.

Karen said...

Lovely! Thanks for the painstaking photography that highlights the beauty of the artistry.

I'm sort of partial to Philadelphia.

Jayne said...

Just so gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along.

Unknown said...

Tiffany will always be special to me. The company treat you so respectfully at their store, the craftsmanship and quality of their products are beyond fabulous. I think art nouveau is so ethereal and lovely. These angels are incredibly wonderful period pieces. I have a vase from the 1920's, that is an art nouveau Tiffany vase. It belonged to my grandfather and it was a vase from the lobby of the Royal York, Toronto's premiere hotel, when it first opened. Thank you for sharing these. =D