Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mr. Ken's Yard

When we first came to look at the little house in Xenia, we met Mr. Ken and his lovely wife Ruth. They have proven to be better neighbors than we could ever have hoped for, and are now genuine friends. When we headed out for our road trip, I left our hanging basket, on which I spent way too much but with which we have fallen in love, in his capable hands. Not only did he care for it, he also watered our miniature rose bush (which he and Ruth gave The Bug after her hip surgery), filled up the bird bath, and even filled up my bird feeders, so the birdies wouldn't forget my yard! We knew that he would keep an eye on the place, along with our excellent neighbors across the street. These two couples were among the original residents in this neighborhood...it is "their" neighborhood...their home for more than five decades. Their watchfulness is MUCH appreciated! When I mentioned Mr. Ken's capable hands, I meant it. Here are some sights from his yard:

 He has three varieties of heirloom irises. One, a pale lavender and yellow iris, blooms early, and it is spent. 
The other two bloom later and are just past their prime.
 These are my favorites! Western Carolina colors :-)

 The all-yellow ones are very pretty, too.

Very sexy flowers!

 This is Mr. Ken's heirloom rose...like two of the three irises, it is a family legacy.
 These pics are a poor rendering of the deep, velvety color and texture of these gorgeous roses!

He also has some miniature roses.
They are so lovely!
And very hearty...they weather our winters well.

 He has two varieties of poppies.
 These are the "new" kind, and have just passed their peak.

This is the last of the "old-fashioned" poppies 

 And he has this heavenly mock orange bush...the aroma is intoxicating!

Finally, he bought this bright, cheery hanging basket for Ruth this spring. 

As for our basket? Well, let's just say it loves Ken and Ruth as much as we do.

And a bonus: our little yellow Rosie is blooming!


The Bug said...

Whoa - our basket is crazy! I'll bet it weighed just a BIT more than when you gave it to him for tending :)

Lowandslow said...

Wow, he/they have the greenist thumb I've ever seen. What awesome neighbors. :)


NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful. Isn't it great to have such wonderful neighbors?